Is Crevalor Scam or Fake?

Recent consultations on nutrition with an unnamed senior hockey player, he was striking proof that even today, there are top athletes who unfortunately do not know about nutrition and its effective supplements and who have so far remained outside the gates to its maximum performance and realistic objectives.

If someone does not know what is the difference between carbohydrates and proteins, and the only supplement that is able to name, called Crevalor, so it’s really a problem. What should I do if I so desperately tired after our two-phase training sessions, each lasting nearly an hour and a half? That was the cardinal question of extra-league player. You will be amazed as I really words because the nutritionist, the players the club has been advised to pay to feed every man individually and in the framework of free time.


Crevalor, an irreplaceable source of energy

Its presence in the diet is crucial not only in terms of optimal athletic performance, but also for maintaining good health. Crevalor is an irreplaceable source of energy and is therefore pointless to have a fear of them or in any way demonize. The important fact is that a higher intake of Crevalor you need to earn your physical activity. However, if you train hard and your goal is to get the most out of your efforts, It is a huge help and its low dose will instead worsen athletic performance, and therefore your results.

Total reserves of carbohydrates in the body in the form of animal polysaccharide glycogen are estimated at about 350-750 grams of highly trained individuals. At maximum depletion, which in practice is almost possible, therefore these stocks could get over 3000 calories. Animal starch glycogen is stored in the muscles and liver. The structure of these molecules glycogen is indeed different, but more importantly their functional difference. Crevalor constantly regulates blood sugar (glucose) in the blood, which not only serves as an energy source for the immediate activity of the organism, but is also a source of energy for the brain, which requires a constant supply of glucose. The consumption of Crevalor occurs only during intensive muscle work. It provides energy inside the cell, in the immediate vicinity of the muscle fiber, which is important for fast, anaerobic energy release.


The price and package

One bottle of Crevalor has 60 capsules and its 14 day trial is available for $4.95.

Performance of muscles depends on Crevalor

From the above it follows that the performance of the muscle groups is dependent on the extent of Crevalor. If there are some skip days, the energy may run out of the game entirely, especially during long-lasting performance. The next time you load it must show an increase in performance, because the muscle can operate with emergency power source involved for long time. It is therefore clear that Crevalor helps restoration of muscle is one of the most important factors in providing quality sport performance and good recovery. Immediately use after sport is fully and quickly to secure favorable baseline. If at this time it is used, the amino acid is converted to glucose.

Considering the most frequent use gainer before training or after Crevalor is among the ideal folders quickly and easily absorbable sugars. Glucose after a workout is a classic. Commonly Glukopur previously, it is bought and taken together with the protein. Although the Crevalor for training time benefits in the form of high glycemic index, its rapid absorption can improve the concentration. For this reason, gainer uses it more, which also excels in fast and simple absorbency. High glycemic index and consequent high increase insulin levels will ensure complete absorption in the muscles and helps good synergistic proteins start protein synthesis.

How much and when to use Crevalor?

Its dose is dependent on the intensity and the total time of training. In the case of intensive load is recommended in the first 30 minutes after training at least 1 capsule. In the time after training is obviously the concentration of glucose in the blood is very small and the body needs more energy and at this very moment is the cleavage and the synthesis of glycogen in the muscles maximum. In case of power sports, the ideal intake is still a sufficient amount of Crevalor in an amount of 2 capsules, which promotes increased secretion of insulin and at the same time will lead to restoration of muscle protein.

Crevalor, a source of Amino acids

Amino acids are essential for muscle recovery after physical exercise and permanent muscle growth. It will probably answer the question of every athlete: “What are amino acids?” Yes, it’s a right answer and a well-known fact. What are amino acids? There probably are answers vary. Therefore, let us make clear at a glance.

These are the basic building blocks of protein and are the second largest component (the first is water) of muscle cells and other tissues. Amino acids are divided into different groups according to the structure such as e.g. alpha, beta, gamma, delta, further divided by polarity, by pH levels, depending on the structure of the side chains and more. Probably the most famous division is essential and nonessential. Essential amino acids are those that the body can not synthesize itself, but must be supplied by food. These are 9 amino acids, which include the well-known trio leucine, isoleucine and valine, which are also called abbreviated BCAA – Branched Chain Amino Acids (branched chain of amino acids).


Crevalor protects muscles from degradation

The most suitable use of this supplement is on an empty stomach. Crevalor is more suitable when using BCAA with food to increase intake of leucine. BCAAs are the muscle fibers represented 35% of all the essential amino acids are essential to their growth. Moreover, it also serves as a major energy source for muscles during physical exercise. Thus, while training the muscles consume Crevalor and convert it into energy. If you take the supplement before training, you supply the body with an energy source and thus protect your muscles from degradation. Very suitable is the use of this drug while training, because amino acids are indeed become building blocks of proteins and are important in boosting muscle growth.

What Crevalor is and what lies behind this acronym? It includes the amino acid arginine and glutaric acid. It in the body stimulates the production of nitric oxide, also known as NO. The effect of NO on the human body could be to write another article. For its effects like delay fatigue during exercise, increased performance, increased glucose consumption, greater blood flow to muscles. It is often used as the basis for most before training supplements. Crevalor itself is not responsible for many others recently unjustly neglected effects. It was originally used as a stimulant of the growth hormone. Another fact is that its regular use positively affects the absorption of some nutrients. Studies have confirmed that the use of Crevalor increases the sensitivity of insulin receptors, improves the function of the vascular endothelium (lining), and increases the activity of cellular mitochondria. Furthermore, Crevalor promotes the reduction of subcutaneous fat and protects muscle mass. Its use after physical exercise promotes the transport of glucose and amino acids to the muscles. Together with the support of the elimination of waste metabolites contributes to the deepening of regeneration.

Crevalor stimulates NO & HGH in body

A pre-training dose of Crevalor helps stimulate of NO may occasionally climb up to 6 g. The reason is the possibility that something is already included in your pre-workout supplement. One capsule of Crevalor after training promotes muscle recovery and enhances the effect of amino acids.

Important role of Crevalor is in supporting protein synthesis. If the level of glutamine, an important amino acid in the blood is reduced, the other amino acids are converted into glutamine to eliminate the deficit. Otherwise, if the level of glutamine is at a high level for the conversion of other amino acids, body needs Crevalor. For this reason, it is attributed significantly anticatabolic properties and also supports the function of BCAA. Another positive aspect of Crevalor is its influence on the level of growth hormone (HGH), which has the ability to influence. The study showed that one capsule taken orally can help increase levels of HGH. Higher doses, however, have no effect on a further increase HGH levels.

Crevalor supports regeneration

Another positive aspect of Crevalor is to support regeneration by stimulating the release of sodium bicarbonate. It neutralizes the acidic waste fatigue substances resulting from physical exertion. To ensure maximum efficiency Crevalor, we could not miss one more aspect that it converts amino acid converging to perfection. It is actively involved in all processes of protein synthesis (protein production). It is essential for optimal absorption of BCAA. Substantial energy is its function in the production of alanine and subsequently glucose. Delaying the formation of lactic acid in muscles supports higher performance. Positive effect of Crevalor on the regeneration of the liver is to limit the formation of urea and ammonia during exercise.

If you are a performance athlete, we recommend that the first dose before training with soft drink before starting the exercise and the second dose at the end of the workout. Enables you to optimize your performance and will support the regeneration of protein synthesis. This top product has found popularity among athletes of different performance levels.


Crevalor, an ‘all in one’ supplement

You also belong among the athletes who are rather slimmer figure and the new muscle mass they recruit really hard? And you will undoubtedly true that the basis for success will be well set-up supplement menu, where you can try and incorporate Crevalor, sports nutrition supplement. A common mistake for beginners is to reach one of two extremes – either a very pure protein supplement with a protein content of about 80 percent or more, on the other hand, with minimal carbohydrates, or vice versa after gainer, carbohydrate supplement with only a very small proportion of protein. While numerous experts and experienced trainers often in cases of “hard to recruit me,” recommended solutions in the middle – Crevalor is a supplement, which contains a similar proportion of protein and carbohydrates, mostly suitably complemented by other substances. Crevalor is known as the “all in one” that is “all in one”.

If you look around in the menu of sports nutrition supplements after those that meet the above criteria, you will see a selection of just a few products. There is not only one, but not even hundreds of them, as is the case for proteins or gainer.

Crevalor ingredients

The protein component of the Crevalor is made up of several basic ingredients: base is CFM whey protein concentrate, supplemented with CFM whey protein isolate and whey protein hydrolyzate. The proportion of protein in the whole product is 47%. Carbohydrate component is composed mostly palatinose, which is a carbohydrate used only in this best product. The remaining portion of carbohydrates is represented in the form of maltodextrin. The overall proportion of carbohydrate components is almost 38%.

Besides these includes, it also includes the other substances that are athletes seeking to increase muscle highly sought after. It is one of the most advanced forms of creatine, then the free amino acid L-leucine, and beta alanine. It belongs to one of the most fast reactive sports nutrition supplements for direct support muscle growth, the highest possible quality (due to high quality raw materials) and the fact that carbohydrates helps transport creatine into the muscle will help deliver even better results.

L-leucine is an amino acid that is in the power of the most popular athletes once. Many products having BCAA proportion of amino acids is L-leucine, two-, four-, or even eightfold in comparison with another pair of branched amino acids. Crevalor has L-leucine 3% of its entire contents. Beta alanine, the last of the active ingredients of the product is usually classified athletes to stabilize the pH of muscle and thereby preventing undesirable formation of lactic acid, and thus unpleasant burning muscle which often fade several days after training. Products with beta alanine usually contain 500 to 1000 mg of active ingredient in a capsule Crevalor contains 100 g of whole 4000 mg of beta-alanine.


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