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Improve your sex life beyond the Vigoraflo that we have collected for you. Only the best product you find back that have proven their effectiveness in practice here. Are you looking for that feeling from the very first time? Try it again makes it as special as that time. Main function of this product is giving new sexual energy. Are you so lethargic after a long stressful day and you do not feel like a hot erotic night? Try it and experience the new force. An erection is thus even more intense experience through you and you will experience sex much better. You will be much more liberated sexually and your libido will be increased. Vigoraflo can be used by people of all ages. Is your sex life not good (enough) then you can try to improve it? Do you think your sex life is good, try Vigoraflo and discover a whole new dimension?


vigoraflo-S4H-TOPVigoraflo: Cause of low libido

A low libido can be caused by different components. Apart from low testosterone levels, the following aspects are the most common culprits. Pain can be anything. Pain and relaxation often do not go together. Stress is the most common factor why someone has a low libido. This applies to both women and men. Stress is often called a facet. Psychological problems can arise from tragic events but also through relationship problems. A reducing health for example by eating less nutritious, little sports, overtime at work, it is often corrected quickly to eat healthy. Often a low libido is caused by a mixture of the above points that can be easily handled by Vigoraflo. It is important to make clear to yourself which you desire for intimacy is diminished. This is both convenient for yourself, because if you’re focusing on the cause work.

Greater need for health and wellness through increased life expectancy

The need for health and comfort is becoming increasingly important. Meanwhile, more and more men are vital and enterprising in life. This is because they are living longer but are there or want to feel comfortable with. In 2035, the expected average life expectancy of men 81.9 years and women 84.5 years. The higher life expectancy means that health and wellness is becoming increasingly important for the man. Here Vigoraflo can support.


vigoraflo-S4H-ARRA line of products for men

After the introduction of men’s cosmetics and health magazines especially for the man, the man dares also begun to include relaxation, enjoyment and good sense to admit. To meet this need, especially for men Vigoraflo has introduced. It helps keep the men fit, vital and into old age sexually active.

The consumer demands for natural products

Following the trend of men’s health and well-being are becoming increasingly important, now that they place great value on natural products. With natural products, they can go on longer and healthier life. Good news for men is that the Vigoraflo consist of natural ingredients. Not only are these products are highly safe and effective, but the use produces no side effects. Men increasingly attach importance to health, vitality and quality of life. Therefore Vigoraflo is offering them quality nutritional supplements.

Vigoraflo Ingredients

Panax Ginseng: Nowadays, ginseng is widely used to increase energy (counteract fatigue, although no caffeine). Enhances the feeling of well-being and stamina and improves both mental and physical performance. Ginseng can be used as an aid for erectile dysfunction (Supports libido and sexual performance). It is also used when symptoms associated with menopause. Panax ginseng strengthens the heart and nervous system building a total of suffocation and physical vigor and disease resistance that strengthens and stimulates the endocrine glands, which control all basic physiological processes, including metabolism of vitamins and minerals. Soviet researchers reported that ginseng normalizes arterial blood pressure and is effective in both high and low blood pressure. It was also shown that ginseng reduces stress levels in men and women. The root of the Asian ginseng contains triterpene glycosides or “saponins,” collectively referred to as “ginsenosides”. These steroid-like compounds provide the adaptogenic properties that help the body toward balance, according to what the individual requirements (for example, on the one hand has the ability to reduce high blood pressure, on the other hand raises the low blood pressure) and counteracts the effects of stress.

Ginkgo Biloba leaf: The proper functioning of organs and achieve the longest possible age in good health is closely linked to adequate perfusion of tissue. If blood flow is not sufficient, there is a gradual deterioration of various functions. The most striking manifestations of lack of blood flow can be seen on the central nervous system to the brain. One of the ways to dramatically CNS and the brain to restore, revitalize and achieve improvements by the regular use of Ginkgo Biloba. Standardized extract of Ginkgo improves blood circulation in the brain and other body tissues. Helps improve memory and ability to concentrate. Increases the supply of oxygenated blood to the sexual parts of the body and thus contributes to their perfusion syndrome (cold hands and feet), helping to ensure more substantial supply of nutrients and pollutants washed away.

A minimum of 50% of men above 40 years old can use Vigoraflo in obtaining an erection. Above natural substances in Vigoraflo that gives you confidence and strength.


vigoraflo-S4H-MIDHow does an erection?

An erection occurs when there is a lot of blood to the genitals flows caused by a stimulation of the senses; ears, eyes, nose and sense of touch. The erection will remain as long as there are nerve impulses. When there is no high blood flow to the genitals, a good erection can not be achieved.

When to use Vigoraflo?

Many men can let stand in support come to use an erection. This can be caused by psychological and physical problems such as prostate problems, diabetes or heart disease. If not flowing high blood flow to the genitals, a (hard) erection can not be achieved. Vigoraflo can also assist you with enough blood to flow to your genitals.

How Vigoraflo gives you support?

The combination of ingredients in Vigoraflo ensures that there is sufficient blood flow to your genitals. This will create (harder) erection could emerge. Vita Rect does so by making use of the following natural ingredients:

  • Parax Ginseng extract is a high quality food supplement.
  • Fenugreek has a stimulating effect and promotes the erection and libido.
  • Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract (Japanese walnut tree), and L-arginine to support the blood supply.

How to use Vigoraflo?

The use of Vigoraflo supports getting and maintaining an erection. The contents of a package Vigoraflo contain enough powder for a course of a month. To achieve optimal results, take it twice daily after meals with sufficient water.

Are there side effects with the use of Vigoraflo?

Vigoraflo is a natural product. There are no known side effects to using this product. When you are in an advanced stage of dating, it might be time for the next step: be intimate. Everyone namely is a so-called ‘drive’ to be intimate with each other. For some, this is easily there than in others, but it is built at all. This applies to both men and women. In men comes up a load testosterone, thereby increasing desire to have intimate contact with one another. Other men still sometimes find it a problem to load themselves sexually. This affects the mental and physical wellbeing. Fortunately, there are tools for men who suffer from this problem: Vigoraflo. On the market are diverse libido products that contain all their own materials, but the same goal, namely to promote an erection in men. The blood is pumped onto a faster way to the male genitals, making them grow. Vigoraflo ensures that the blood stays there for a long time, making it intimate contact can take longer.


vigoraflo-S4H-ARRVigoraflo help men with a disorder

Now the purpose of this product is known, it is time to look at how it can help men with erectile dysfunction. When a man suffers from erectile dysfunction is of course a problem sexually. As a result, the intimate contact is reduced. This can sometimes lead to major frustration for the woman. There are women who do not mind, but there are also some who see it as a problem. In that case, you can try Vigoraflo. This is the chance to get an erection significantly larger and you’ll finally be rid of the erectile dysfunction. The blood will again flow towards the penis, making it grow and eventually you can perform your sexual act. We can say that Vigoraflo is good to have intimate contact with another. Full-fledged sexual activity is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Purely natural product Vigoraflo strongly supports sexual function. Long supported the natural balance of the body, increases its efficiency, strengthen immunity, metabolism and important enzymatic processes. Sexual activity, function and experience are then enhanced through a balanced state of body, which is then susceptible effect of natural substances.

Lasting effects

There is also a positive development libido, increase testosterone levels, increased blood flow to the improvement and prolonged erection. Finally, it is evident positive effects on the number, quality and motility. Naturally so the product Vigoraflo can enhance your health and make a step towards more intense sexual experience. Its long-term action to reinforce the natural bodily functions clearly has enduring effects than products with short-term effect. Thanks Vigoraflo you will be ready, “always and everywhere”.

  • On the body, it has an antioxidant effect. Coenzyme Q10, vitamin E, silymarin and selenium contained in Vigoraflo, decrease the level of free radicals and contribute to the overall health.
  • It supports important enzymatic processes. Selenium, zinc and copper form an important functional component of many enzymes important for vital functions.
  • Increases resistance to stress. Fenugreek has a rich history dating back to the Andean Indians, promotes physical and mental performance, and together with component Panax ginseng reduces the negative impact of stress on the body.
  • It improves fat metabolism and protect the liver. Ginkgo improves liver functioning, contributes to their recovery, improves digestion and stabilizes cholesterol levels.
  • It has aphrodisiac effects and promotes healthy prostate function

Vigoraflo effects:

  • Increases sexual activity – increases libido, increases testosterone levels, improves and prolongs erections
  • Has a positive effect on the number, quality and motility,
  • Favorably affects the ability to become pregnant and maturation of eggs and thereby helps to fertility,
  • Has a positive effect on hormone levels in men and women (menstrual problems, menopausal problems, decreased libido)
  • Relieves stress and anxiety,
  • Reduces fatigue and a feeling of total exhaustion,
  • Increases stamina, endurance, concentration, freshness and memory,
  • Improves fat metabolism, lowers cholesterol, strengthens the heart,
  • It has a favorable effect on the vascular system and increases peripheral blood primarily in the brain and extremities,
  • Increases the secretion of bile, improves liver and digestion,
  • Improves the function of the mucous membranes of the digestive tract and urinary tract,
  • A positive effect on the immunity of the organism,
  • It reduces hair loss and improves their quality,
  • Positively assists in the inflammatory processes of the musculoskeletal system,
  • Increases muscle mass and improves physical performance – very suitable for athletes
  • Slows aging.

The effect of the natural formula

It improves the energy processes in the cells, resulting in increased energy content. Coenzyme Q10 is very intensely involved in the regeneration of cells and increase energy supplies, or cellular energy. Effective absorption of coenzyme Q 10 is supported by a special production technology (micronizing) and adding an extract of herbs.

On the organism, it has an antioxidant effect

The body normally generated reactive oxygen and nitrogen known as free radicals. Coenzyme Q10, vitamin E, silymarin and selenium decrease the level of free radicals and reactive molecules which is very important for the improvement of metabolism, decrease fatigue, reduce the effects of stress, and to some extent also reduce the feeling of “energy loss”.

It supports vital enzymatic processes

Selenium, zinc, copper, elements which constitute an important functional part of many enzymes important for vital functions in organism, in particular for oxidation stability, integrity of cell membranes and to enzymes involved in immunity. These elements are reflected in the composition of biologically accessible form, and the body is able to very good use.

Adaptogenic effect

Ginkgo, which promotes physical and mental performance, as the energy source, together with component Panax ginseng reduces the negative impact of stress effects on the organism. These substances stimulate the stamina and vigilance, which is manifested by improving mood and mild stimulatory effect on the brain.


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