Adrafinil: Making the Most Out of the Drug

Adrafinil is a white pill that provides users with great focus, motivation, and energy to get their jobs done. It was originally promoted as a wakefulness drug, prescribed to those who worked the night shift or different odd schedules. However, manufacturers have discovered the ability of this drug to offer cognitive improvement. Apart from making people alert, Adrafinil improves concentration and learning retention rates, as well as makes problem-solving easier.

Should you Take Adrafinil?

When you drink coffee for the first time, you will feel incredibly high caffeine kick that may last for a few hours. However, after at least a week of drinking coffee, this effect won’t be the same. You may have to drink coffee to be at a normal level instead of making yourself sharper. But, Adrafinil gives you a boost in mental sharpness and energy level without having to deal with a decline in the effects. The drug is designed to mitigate the side effects of coffee like the coffee crash, jitters, and tolerance. You can get more information on the effects of the drug online.

How to Take Adrafinil

Adrafinil takes around an hour to start taking effect. You can pop out on your way out to the door to work. During your workout days, take the pill before you head to the gym to fully maximize your day. With the drug in your system, you will have the energy and focus to complete your daily work even if you choose to work beyond your 8-hour work routine.

Adrafinil vs Modafinil

Adrafinil is the same thing. It is processed by your liver and becomes Modafinil. Thus, these two drugs are the same thing. But, because every person is different, their body might react to each differently. However, the main difference to be kept in mind is that Modafinil is a prescription drug. And if you can get a prescription, it can be very expensive depending on your insurance.

Important Tips to Keep in Mind

Before you start taking Adrafinil, make sure you have set a goal. If you want to use the drug at work, ensure you have a goal to go into the day. You can maximize the potential of the drug when you have a specific purpose for taking it. Also, try to write everything you want to accomplish and use the drug to accomplish these. When you take the drug, try to eat a light and healthy meal as this can improve the effect.

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