All That You Must Know About Cannabis Wax

Nowadays, concentrates of marijuana is becoming quite popular due to their higher potency level and it can provide relaxation after you return tired from your work or suffer from any chronic pain.

Let us therefore try to know more about what is THC wax or cannabis wax that are usually the concentrated form of cannabis containing high amount of THC.

Cannabis wax

When any solvent is used on marijuana plant material then hash oil concentrate is created which is called as cannabis wax. Its look is a lot similar to ear wax, however after you are thru with its unappealing aesthetics, then you will really enjoy using it.

Cannabis wax will contain THC almost up to 90% and can provide you a real kind of high. Cannabis wax can be ideal in case you are suffering from any serious medical condition and quite desperate to get fast relief.

Cannabis wax can surely be prohibitively expensive and even a single gram of it may cost you more than £50 from any dispensaries.

How cannabis wax is made?

Making cannabis wax with DIY method is not recommended as there may be serious consequence.

To make them, you may take marijuana buds that can be packed into a pipe or tube. After that you need to force butane through the plant material and the fluid will bond well with THC present in the buds.

As butane will leave the compounds of plant, you will be left with powerful concentrate, which is cannabis wax.

Where to buy cannabis wax?

As making of cannabis wax on your own is not too convenient, it is better to buy from any dispensary. However, you need to get it tested from any laboratory to ensure that its residual butane have successfully purged from concentrate.

There are many outside sources too, who may sell cannabis wax, but you must verify the reputation of the source.

Cannabis wax benefits

  • Reduces risks of lung damage because of smoking
  • Provide relief from pain immediately
  • Also, provides relief from depression and anxiety

How to make use of cannabis wax

  • Dabbing

Mostly people use cannabis wax for dabbing and hence it is also known as ‘dab’ among the suppliers.

  • Vaping

You can also vape cannabis wax with a suitable vaporizer or vape pen and enjoy without smoking.

  • Sprinkling on a Joint

Another popular way of using cannabis wax is by sprinkling it over flower while you are rolling up any joint or trying to pack a bowl.

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