Calming Marijuana Strains for Reducing Stress and Anxiety

All marijuana strains do not offer couch-lock and high euphoric experience that it is stigmatized for in the society. Marijuana strains are of two main kinds – Indica and Sativa. The former induces a body high and urges you to relax and chill out, while the latter spikes your energy levels making you more creative.

Many people feel they are suffering from an anxiety disorder when they feel under pressure or worried. It is not so! Today, a fast lifestyle pressurizes everyone, so it is impossible not to get stressed out at some point. Fortunately, you can opt for medical marijuana because it was reported to reduce anxiousness.

How to choose strain for reducing anxiety?

Marijuana has two compounds called CBD and THC. Both are cannabinoids but work differently. CBD dominant strains reduce anxiety levels because they work on serotonin receptors. For some users, THC has also helped in dampening anxiety because of its psychoactive effects. Ultimately, the right balance and dosage are essential. Before you consume one of the best calming marijuana strains given below consult your doctor.

 Strawberry cough

It is 80% Sativa dominant, so it works positively on your anxiety. It acts slowly, so don’t expect a rapid relaxing effect. It keeps users positive, happy, and calm for the duration of high.

Mr. Nice

It is 80% Indica dominant strain, which was accorded with 2nd position in the year 2004. Mr. Nice has a fruity aroma and is great for evening use. You can de-stress after a rough day with a strain that offers a potent high that is pleasant, mellowing and relaxing.

Willy’s Wonder

Willy’s Wonder is an Indica dominant strain that gives cerebral high, locks your body and carries users to another world!


Skunk#1 is 65% Indica dominant and is used in lots of cross-breeding projects. It induces a head-buzz initially, but soon your body gets embraced in a warm and fuzzy feeling as soothing and relaxing properties get released.

Master Kush

It is 90% Indica dominant and has won 2 Cannabis Cup awards. It gets your body into an extreme relaxation mode as soon as you smoke or vape it. Master Kush is not recommended for newbies but veteran users can use it several hours before going to bed. It keeps you elevated for some time before urging your body to settle down.

Anxiety and stress are interchangeable terms. They are the truth of this fast day lifestyle. To steer away from chaos, ensure to relax with the above marijuana options, especially when you feel down.

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