Cannabis 101 For New Users: Things Worth Knowing About THC Cartridge

The cannabis plant contains over a hundred different compounds, called cannabinoids, of which only THC is the psychoactive one, and certainly the most desirable too. Today, you will find cannabis concentrates, which contain a much-higher level of THC with other desirable cannabinoids and terpenes. There are varied ways in which you can use concentrates. One of them is a THC cartridge. If you already have a vape pen, you can use THC cartridges on the go. These are pre-loaded, so you don’t have to bother about finding discreet means to use one.

Why use THC cartridges?

One of the biggest reasons to choose THC cartridge is ease of use. You can use these cartridges on the go and don’t have to worry about anyone assuming things. You can carry these vape pens and THC cartridge in your pocket or handbag as preferable. For people who want to use concentrates but want to go for the simple means of enjoying the benefits, these cartridges are just ideal for them.

Tips for buying

The range of concentrates has exploded in recent years. Before you go for THC cartridges, make sure you are aware of the strain used. Some cartridges are designed with just one strain – Indica or Sativa, while hybrid strains are also used for a more enhanced experience. Experimenting is the best way forward for new users.

Benefits at a glance

The popularity of THC cartridges can be attributed to many factors. Firstly, you don’t have to overdo the concentrate, because for most new users, the biggest concern is to decide the amount of cannabis they must consume to get the desired effects. Secondly, big dab rigs are extremely overwhelming to use, especially if you are constantly on the move or would want to consume cannabis in a public place. Today, there are dab pens that are easy to use, and you can use the kind of THC cartridge you want. With traditional dab rigs, some level of experience is always desirable, but that’s not the case with ready pens that can be used by everyone.

Final word

If you want to use THC cartridge, make sure that you are aware of the terpene and cannabinoid profile. In case you don’t understand the complications of that, just select a strain that is more likely to offer an experience that you seek. Also, get your concentrates and cartridges from an online store or dispensary you can rely on.

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