Diet Tips to Avoid Lifestyle Diseases

Young people in the age group of 18-35 years comprise a significant percentage of the Indian population. Long working hours, stress, little or no physical activity, unhealthy diets, and smoking have resulted in the rise of several ailments.

Lifestyle-related diseases result from your daily habits, which prevent you from staying physically active, and you end up leading a sedentary life. Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, chronic respiratory conditions, stroke, and cancer are some serious ailments resulting from unhealthy lifestyles.

Fitness tips

To boost your immunity, it is advisable to spendat least 30 minutes doing some or the other physical activity five times a week. The best form of exercise is walking, which is recommended for the young and old. It increases strength and stamina and burns calories. Other forms of activities include:

·      Opting to go up the stairs

·      Taking a short walk after meals

·      Walking your dog

·      Doing chores around the house

·      Playing with your children

Diet tips

A nutritious diet is important for your well-being. Some ways to eat healthier include:

·      Consume fiber and calcium-rich foods, fruits, and green veggies

·      Drink lots of water

·      Opt for multigrain or whole grains

·      Replace junk and packaged foods with healthy snacks

·      Eliminate oily foods from your diet

·      Reduce the portion and eat at regular intervals

Health insurance

Even if you eat healthy, stay active, and avoid stress, certain disorders like genetic ailments or hereditary diseases may still affect you. Additionally, as you grow older, your health may deteriorate causing certain ailments.

Treating critical illnesses (CIs) is expensive, as it is a long-term procedure. Moreover, conditions like diabetes and hypertension require changing your lifestyle and managing the conditions. Without a cashless health insurance plan, meeting these costs may be financially stressful, which may further aggravate your condition.

A health cover pays for in-patient, pre and post-hospitalization, doctors’ fees, medicines, and diagnostic tests. However, a chronic ailment can render you incapable to continue working in the short or the long-term. Regular medical insurance does not provide income replacement. You may opt for critical illness cover as a rider; however, it may not be adequate for your needs.

To overcome this limitation, insurers offer critical illness health insurance policies, which cover over 60 chronic conditions. If you are diagnosed with an ailment included in the policy document, the insurer pays a lump sum that may be up to 150% of the sum insured (SI). You can use this money to cover household expenses or repay debt.

In addition to the policy benefits, CI plans like health insurance for high cholesterol offer wellness coaches and chronic management programs to improve the quality of your life. Get your CI insurance today and lead a peaceful life, as this mediclaim coverage policy will take care of any unforeseen medical emergency.

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