Five Tips when Choosing Cannabis Strains

Picking a cannabis strain to smoke is a personal experience. You need to have some knowledge of the cannabis plant to determine what you enjoy about smoking. To help you make the right choice, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Know the Various Kinds of Strains

In terms of marijuana strains, you will choose between Indica and Sativa. Indica strains have relaxing properties while the Sativa strain offers an energy boost and makes you want to keep yourself busy. Hybrid strains are also available that result from combining both major strains.

The cannabis strains to choose depends on what you want from cannabis when you use it. For instance, you may want something to help you relax after a tough game. For this, you will need an Indica strain as it can help with your sore muscles. Or if you are anxious about a business trip that involves a long flight, a Sativa strain may help calm your nerves. Make sure to talk to your local budtenders so you can decide which strain is right for you.

Know your Tolerance

Consider your experience with marijuana. If you are new to cannabis, consider finding a strain that is low in THC and high in CBD. This way, you can gain all the benefits while keeping yourself sane. However, if you are an experienced cannabis user and need a stronger strain, you can look for ones that have higher amounts of THC.

Think about your Preferred Smell

If you want to smoke cannabis, look for a strain that you like the smell of. Keep in mind that every strain has a unique smell. While some are sweet and fruity, others are earthy. Some are even described as smelling skunky. Determine the aroma that is perfect for you so you will end up with the strain you can enjoy.

Take Availability into Account

You might find an appealing strain online but it may not be available locally. Some strains may not be as famous where you live. Thus, you must find out what’s available at your local dispensary. This makes sure only pick a strain you have access to.

Run the Numbers

If you buy cannabis from a dispensary, you may have to pick a strain that has a series of numbers next to it. Such figures represent the concentration of compounds such as CBD and THC. However, advertised percentages don’t take terpenes and other compounds into consideration. Higher numbers do not always equate to a better experience with cannabis. Thus, read some reviews that feature the same descriptions of your desired experience.

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