Four Helpful Tips when Visiting a Dispensary for the First Time

There are many cannabis dispensaries you can find in Las Vegas but you must choose one that offers high-quality cannabis products. If you have a valid medical marijuana card, you have lots of options to choose from. Sifting through all these options can be daunting but a good budtender can help you make the right choices.

To make the most of your shopping experience at a dispensary, you must know what exactly you must do while there. Here are some tips you should keep in mind for your first trip to a dispensary:

Create a List

If you have a list of products to buy from a dispensary, you can focus on finding them. Your list should be based on the kind of experience you would want from the cannabis product. For instance, you may want to get high for the first time or you prefer edibles instead of products that should be vaped. Or maybe you want a cannabis strain to replace the one you did not love.

The many options available at the dispensary can easily overwhelm you so always come prepared with a list of what to look for. This will help you stay on track and ask the right questions.

Ensure you Have a Government-Issued ID and Cash

Always treat your visit to a dispensary like one to the bar. Every reputable cannabis shop will not let you enter their premises if you don’t have a legitimate ID on you. Also, the majority of dispensaries take cash only so make sure to have some with you. A lot of dispensaries have ATMs you can withdraw money from; however, you may have to pay some fees. Thus, get your cash somewhere to avoid these fees.

Have Realistic Expectations

When you shop for cannabis products, you must be realistic and not purchase something that is more than you need. The staff at the dispensary will not judge you for being a newbie or inexperienced. Indeed, they can help you choose something good if they are aware of your true experienced level. They can point you to a strain that may work better for you.

Be Patient

Depending on which dispensary you choose, you may have to wait in a waiting room before a budtender can help you. But, some dispensaries may let you come in and brose like it is a regular store. Others only help one customer at a time. Always be patient and respect the rules.

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