Hemp Products And Its Importance

Customers will always buy marijuana or cannabis edibles from a brand that they can trust. A brand that offers superior quality products will always have an upper hand over its competitors. This is where shelf stability testing can help growers and manufacturers in having a better scope in the cannabis industry.

If you are a cannabis seller or manufacturer, you might have to finish the shelf stability testing. This will depend on the local jurisdiction and also the product offerings in the state you reside. It is a kind of cannabis testing that is designed to make out the optimal storage for the products. This is done specifically for the shelf life of cannabis products. Most commonly the cannabis products that require undergoing shelf stability testing are cannabis edibles.

Many laboratories offer exemplary shelf stability testing that can be used by cannabis growers, manufacturers, and retailers. These kits make it simple to get compliance and make sure that the quality of the product is up to the mark. When you are looking for testing for the MED and Health Department compliance and research or development purposes, the cannabis testing kits shall deliver the exact results the customers might need.

Get Shelf Stability Testing

The complete shelf stability testing procedure will also involve the pH as well as the water activity testing. These are available for cannabis retailers and growers to get accurate results.

Water Activity Testing

Many states would require the manufacturers of cannabis to undergo a complete shelf stability analysis that will be greatly supported with the water activity testing outcomes. The laboratories use the most advanced instruments, methodology, and science to provide a detailed analysis from the capacitance or dew point. The technicians will be able to check the non-volatile as well as the volatile samples. The growers who are still in the researching and developing phase can find that the cannabis moisture testing method will be a valuable tool.

pH Testing

pH testing is not a very popular method, but several clients opt for the process during the research and development phase. This method of testing can be specifically for the manufacturers that focus on producing cannabis-infused edibles.

The method of pH testing will offer useful and insightful guidance for advanced shelf stability testing. If the clients want to have the most accurate results possible, they can have multiple pH tests for each sample.

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