How to Choose CBD Product and Determine Its Dosage?

If you are planning to join the increasing revolution of CBD use for therapeutic purpose then looking at the list of product categories on CBD Farmhouse online store can crush you. Choosing between vaporizers, edibles, tinctures, and topical is hard. Which one to choose and how much to dose are a couple of questions you need answers to.

Each method delivers cannabidiol differently. Every consumer’s body responds differently. Therefore, when you choose a CBD product –

  • Ask yourself what improvement you need from CBD… it for arthritic pain or emotional support?
  • Identify the location you want the CBD to reach…..for example, anywhere close to skin means you can choose a topical. If it is your immune system or brain then CBD needs to enter your bloodstream and reach its target, so choose oral products or vaporizers.
  • What timeframe are you looking for? Short-term relief means vaporizer is ideal. For steady CBD levels across the day, then an oral product is perfect.
  • Everybody needs different dosages depending on the method, strain type, potency level, severity of the medical condition, etc. Start low and gradually increase the dosage until you experience the effect you want.

CBD is safe but can lower blood pressure. It even hinders with certain prescribed medications. It is wise to consult your doctor before entering a CBD landscape.

How to determine the CBD dosage?

Several CBD products like capsules and gummies define a single serving on its labels like 5 mg CBD per pill. In case, you use CBD oil, then there will be a dropper. The packaging will specify the amount of CBD in one drop. This allows figuring the number of drops to be used. Sometimes the packaging will define the total CBD amount within the entire bottle.

1 drop of CBD oil = 0.05 mL [milliliter]. It is a single drop and not a chock-full dropper. It means if you purchased a 10 mL bottle, then it contains 200 drops of CBD oil. If the label specifies the CBD level to be 1000 mg then every drop contains 5 mg of CBD [1000 mg/200 drops]. Therefore, if your dosage is 20 mg CBD then take 4 drops of CBD oil.

Many users can tolerate 1,500 mg per day but if you are on medication discuss with your physician. Possible side effects include appetite change, fatigue, and diarrhea.

Pure CBD products can be purchased from As CBD is not FDA regulated, you can check 3rd party test reports. Make sure that the brand you choose does not have an inaccurate labeling history.

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