Interested In Best Cannabis Concentrates? Check For Live Resins!

If you want to experience the best benefits and effects of cannabis, you need to look for better products. The market for cannabis products is huge, and there is always something for everyone, no matter whether you are a new cannabis enthusiast or someone with credible experience. What is live resin In this post, we are discussing more on live resin and aspects that buyers need to know, before they buy products from dispensaries.

The basics

For the uninitiated, live resin is a kind of concentrate that’s is produced by freezing the fresh cannabis flowers. The harvested flowers are kept away from all factors, including head and light, which helps in retaining the level of terpenes. The extraction process is completed under freezing temperatures, which is rather a new practice in the industry. The popularity of live resins comes from the flavor and smell of the concentrate. The terpene levels of the concentrates are retained. In case you didn’t know, terpenes refer to the cannabis oils that are found naturally in the plant and add to flavor and smell. It should be noted that just because you are using live resin doesn’t mean that the level of the two major cannabis compounds or cannabinoids – THC and CBD- will be higher. However, you can be assured that the taste/flavor will be way better than most ordinary cannabis products.

Tips on buying live resin

There are only a handful of companies that adhere to the norms for extracting and selling live resin products, primarily because the process requires expertise, equipment and the right set of precautions. Always check for brands that are open to sharing details related to live resin production. Make sure that you know the product and its use before buying.

Why should you consider the option?

Well, if you are someone who enjoys the experience of using cannabis, live resin is meant for you. It offers a whole new experience, and the higher level of terpenes does make the use better, especially with regards to the aroma and flavor. As far as the levels of THC and CBD are concerned, the same are at par with other concentrates that are usually available in the market. In other words, you are getting the same benefits but a much better cannabis experience with live resin, without compromising on the advantages of THC and CBD.

Check online for companies that sell live resin.

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