If you have been considering tummy tuck NYC, then there are some essential elements that you should keep in mind before making the decision. Following are some of the key factors that will help you to make an informed decision where tummy tuck is the way to go or not.

  1. Health Condition:

The tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty is a cosmetic procedure which eliminates loose abdominal skin or excess fat that healthy dieting and exercise is not able to remove. It should only be considered if you are generally healthy. If there are any risks of blood clots or excessive bleeding, then you may not be a good candidate to undergo the procedure. During your consultation, your medical history and current health will be discussed, along with your aesthetic goals to ensure your safety.

  1. Weight:
    A lot of patients want to undergo the procedure when they have lost a significant amount of weight and as they are left with stretched and skin and separated abdominal muscles. In case you have more weight to lose, then it is advisable to delay the surgery until you can maintain a stable weight to get the best results from the procedure.
  2. Capacity to follow pre and post-surgical care:
    A list of instructions will be provided to you that you would need to follow before and after the procedure so that you have optimal surgery and recovery. A compression garment will be given to you to wear which will reduce swelling and give support to your abdomen while it heals. If you are on your pain medication, then avoid drinking alcohol. Usage of nicotine can also severely hamper the body’s ability to heal. Try and avoid any exposure to nicotine, including secondhand smoke. You will be asked to stop smoking for at least 4 weeks before your surgery and throughout the recovery period.
  3. Have realistic expectations:
    During your consultation ask all your questions and be open with your surgeons to know what you should expect for your procedure. It is better to mentally prepare yourself that it will take your body a couple of weeks to feel great after undergoing the surgery. You may even experience some tightness along with certain discomfort during the recovery period. It takes a couple of months to be able to enjoy the full results. You will be advised to stay away from any strenuous activities for a while. For the first week after your tummy tuck in New York City, take it easy. You should be able to go back to light activities soon. It is always helpful to be back up on your feet and walk around the house as long as you are not feeling any strain.

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