The Two Types of Cannabis Dispensaries That Have Been Growing in Popularity in Colorado

The legalization of cannabis in many states has triggered the rise of marijuana dispensaries – both medical and recreational. Though initially there was less clarity surrounding cannabis and many were apprehensive about trying cannabis products, more people have now started using them. The dispensaries available now are clean and prove helpful in getting the best cannabis.

Marijuana dispensaries in Colarado:

The choice of marijuana strains varies depending on the dispensary. Marijuana is available for purchase both for medicinal and recreational purposes. Dispensaries have started cultivating marijuana to ensure the products are of top quality and safe to consume. If you are looking for reputable Colorado dispensaries to purchase recreational marijuana drop by Chronic Therapy.

They have a good reputation in Colorado for their wide selection of over 50 self-grown A+ strains. Their products go through stringent testing and are guaranteed to be safe. The choice of dispensary is important.

Understanding the difference between medical and recreational cannabis dispensary:

As the name suggests medical dispensaries are aimed at selling cannabis for treating ailments. A doctor’s prescription will be required to secure marijuana. They are usually located closer to a doctor’s office and are differently taxed than recreational cannabis. Recreational or adult-use dispensaries sell cannabis products for reasons other than medicinal purposes.

What to expect during your visit to medical marijuana dispensary?

  • Carry documents regarding your ailments that require the use of marijuana.
  • Carry your doctor’s recommendation, medical cannabis certification and other state-specific documentation.
  • Patients must be over 18 years. In some cases, if the patient is under 18 and suffers from a debilitating condition, exceptions are made.
  • Register yourself at the dispensary.
  • There will be a waiting room to wait for your turn.
  • A dividing wall provides privacy when you talk your issues with the budtender.
  • Your purchase may be tracked for future-reference and follow-up.

What to expect during your visit to recreational marijuana dispensary?

  • You must be over 21 years old and carry a valid, unexpired state ID.
  • You can browse through the selection at their website and check their menu when you drop by their physical location.
  • It is more like a grab-and-go store. The budtender wouldn’t spend a lot of time explaining about the different strains as in medical marijuana dispensary.

Carry sufficient cash and ask questions if you have doubts. The budtenders are knowledgeable. Befriend them to gain better insights on the products available at the dispensary. That’ll help you choose the product that suits your needs.

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