What You Can Do To Help Our Honoured Veterans

Our veterans hold a special place in our hearts. They are the people who have devoted themselves to protecting the rest of us, sometimes at great personal cost to themselves. Our veterans put themselves between us and harm, and deserve to be honoured in every way possible. So, what can we Australians do to show our appreciation? Actions speak louder than words, so let’s make our veterans know that we really care.

It’s a sad truth that veterans often leave the service with scars, both physical and emotional. Sometimes getting the medical and psychological help they need can be a daunting task fraught with paperwork and waiting. If you know of a veteran who is struggling with this, have them visit veteran medical service, a group of medical and legal professionals who can help veterans navigate the complexities of the system to receive the care they need and deserve!

Another way that you can help a veteran is to give them the gift of yourself! Too many veterans become isolated from society, which only exacerbates the traumas they are suffering from. By taking the time to sit down and listen to a veteran, to let them tell their story, you are doing a great service to the people who gave so much of themselves in service to all of us.

If you are someone who has a specific set of useful skills such as medical training, construction and maintenance, information technology skills, tax and business training, and any other thing that might help a veteran get through life after service a little easier, then consider volunteering some of your time! By offering your help for free to a veteran who is struggling and who might have limited resources, you are showing that you really care by making a big difference in their lives.

Sometimes veterans have great difficulty making themselves or even purchasing a good square meal. If you are someone who is gifted in the culinary arts, why not whip up a batch of cookies or homemade casseroles, or some other tasty treat to deliver to the veterans in need in your area? Few things show you’re caring more than the gift of food to a hungry veteran.

Finally, there is one very small, simple thing that you can do for veterans that makes a really big difference- just tell them “Thank You.” They will really appreciate it!

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