How to Make Pure Hash Oil Using BHO Extraction Process?

BHO or butane is used in the cannabinoid extraction process. The end product extracted from trichomes [resins of cannabis plants] is called butane hash oil. Traditional techniques of extracting hash have their limitations.

The cannabis plant is beaten to release the trichomes, which are collected, sieved, separated and graded. The fine kief is used to produce high-quality hash and the others are compressed in bricks and shipped abroad. These bricks are not handled properly, so you will find a lot of impurities ranging from bugs, dust, to tiny plant debris in the bundles.

How BHO works?

Butane is a non-polar solvent, which is run across the marijuana. As it flows across the plant matter, the resin glands dissolve instantly. Fortunately, only the trichomes get dissolved. No chlorophyll or plant matter gets dissolved. This butane-oil mixture is collected. After some time, the butane completely evaporates leaving no residue, just pure golden THC loaded matter.

Is the butane extraction process safe?

The BHO extraction process needs to be done correctly. On paper, the process is simple but practically it is hard to conduct. The safety measures need to be adhered to very stringently. Even the starting material needs to be of high quality. The cannabis chosen to the exact gas type to be used is very crucial. No corners can be cut!

Butane is an extremely volatile gas. The possibility of an explosion is high even with a slight static charge spark. Therefore, safety is on top priority.

How Butane hash oil gets made?

Two methods are used –

  1. Open method – It involves filling stainless steel or glass tube with cannabis and pass solvent [butane] from it. You will find yellow-orange oil with thick consistency oozing out from the tube’s bottom. After which there are the purification and drying process conducted to get the highly valuable oil.
  2. Closed method – In this method, specially designed equipment called butane oil extractor is used. As these are very costly the majority of the people cannot use it. However, it is the safest way to extract butane hash oil.

The open method is cheap, so it is commonly used. However, they will need to consider the extractor tube and butane gas to be used. Different kinds of commercial butane gas are available in the market. Make sure to find pure grade butane, which is free from isobutene or propane. Good quality butane leaves no residue or suspicious lingering smell.

You can test the spray by spraying a generous amount in the mirror. After ten minutes see if there is any mark left after evaporation or has it not evaporated completely or there is a lingering smell. It is crucial because no one desires to have any chemical residue in their oil!

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