What is low testosterone and how does it affect men?

Testosterone is a body hormone that both men and women have however it is higher in the male gender. It is produced at its peak during the puberty years to promote for growth while its decline kicks off in the 30’s at a rate of 1% annually. It is therefore true that your testosterone productions declines with increase in age which explains the low testosterone count for the aged. In the body, testosterone is responsible for production of sperms, creating libido or sex drive, improving bone density, production of red blood cells and even fat distribution. This situation can however be improved with medical solutions like best TRT that you can find from both land and online based stores.The effects of testosterone in men are as described in the details highlighted in the text below.

Erectile dysfunction and low libido

This is by far one of the worst side effects of low male hormone production. Testosterone is responsible for the sex drive and fertility in men. Its low production unfortunately means reduced desire for sex and that ultimately can mess with one’s performance during sex. The affected also tend to experience reduced erections and worse still face the threat of infertility. Considering testosterone replacement therapy might just be what you need to improve your hormone production in the body. There are different testosterone replacement therapy options you can check out for your treatment plan.

Leads to physical body changes

As you have noted from the introductory text, testosterone is responsible for the physical growth of male teenagers in the puberty phase. Its declined production in the body can also have adverse effects that manifest in the form of changes in their physical body. Some of the changes in the physical body of the patient may include more body fat, weakened bones, fatigue, loss of hair, reduced mass of muscles and even hot flashes for some. These are some of the obvious signs that one needs to consider testosterone replacement therapy as soon as they can.

Increased insomnia

Insomnia is the inability to sleep due to physical factors or emotional related issues. You must however know that insomnia is very common for older men due to the low amount of testosterone production in the body. Conditions like sleep apnea have been known to lead to low testosterone production in the body besides making the victim susceptible to stroke and other serious health problems. Seeking help in the form of testosterone replacement therapy might just be what you need to start getting better testosterone production and even longer hours of peaceful night sleep.

Emotional shifts

It is also known that low amounts of testosterone in the male body could result in a number of changes which most people are never ready for. Emotional imbalance can be an issue not just for you but also those around you that have to suffer because of your mood swings. Low testosterone will affect emotional regulation process in the body which can easily culminate to depression for most men. It is the reason for considering testosterone replacement therapy to help you reclaim your manhood.

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