Everything About Vitamin C and Vitamin D | A Powerful Nutrition Combination

Basic nutrition is essential if we want to keep our bodies in great shape as the years pass. Our God-given body can do all sorts of tasks if we give it the right nutrition.

Two of the most important nutritional supplements are Vitamin C and Vitamin D. You probably heard about those two elements before, and if you haven’t, we have all the information you need right here!

Read on to learn everything you need to know about Vitamin C and Vitamin D, a powerful combination of natural elements, so you can get your body to keep it its best shape possible.

Vitamin C

History, Discovery, and the Science of Vitamin C

Vitamin C (also known as “ascorbic acid”) was discovered in 1930 by Albert Szent-Györgyi. Overall, the discovery of this supplement was seen as one of the foundational discoveries of modern nutrition.

Several centuries ago, humans would experience Vitamin C deficiency, which caused them to experience bleeding gums, hemorrhaging, slow healing, and more. Back in the 15th century, “Scurvy” was labeled as the major cause of mortality and disability among sailors.

It wasn’t until 1775 when James Lind, a Scottish physician, discovered that citrus fruits and lemon juice did an excellent job at treating those symptoms. However, he didn’t know about the existence of ascorbic acid; in fact, no one knew about it until Albert’s discovery in 1930.

Overall, the point of Vitamin C is to enable the body to use protein, fats, and carbohydrates in the best way possible. According to research, this vitamin is essential for proper growth, healthy bones, gums, teeth, blood vessels, and more. Vitamin C also plays a significant role in collagen formation.

Physiology and Vitamin C’s Role in the Body

To put it simply, Vitamin C works in the physiology of your nervous system. Its work includes supporting your neuron structure, neuronal survival, and maturation and differentiation processes.

Keep in mind that Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which means it’s a nutrient that neutralizes the tissue-damaging hazards that some substances cause; those hazards are called “free radicals.”

You can find Vitamin C in different foods, vegetables, and citrus fruits, including grapefruit, lemons, oranges, potatoes, tomatoes, and more. Vitamin C’s properties play a great role in slowing your aging process.

Summarizing up, you may expect the following effects of Vitamin C in your body:

  • Photoprotection
  • Wound healing
  • Anti-wrinkling
  • Smoother skin

Vitamin C is a critical factor due to its antioxidant properties and the synthesis of collagen. According to Healthline, consuming Vitamin C can increase your blood antioxidant levels by at least 30%, which helps your body with inflammatory problems.

Moreover, it may reduce the risk of heart disease and other chronic diseases.

The recommended amount of Vitamin C to consume is 90mg a day for men and 75mg a day for women. While Vitamin C is vital for our survival, taking too much of it could cause some problems like headaches, insomnia, diarrhea, nausea, and others.

Finding Trusted Supplementation with Redemption Nutrition

As you can see, getting the right amount of Vitamin C in your body is essential if you want to keep your body in its best shape. Thankfully, the Vitamin C supplement at Redemption nutrition has the answer to your prayers.

Some items like the “Providence: Complete Vitamin C Complex” have the right ingredients to promote collagen formation, mental health improvement, better cholesterol values, free radical neutralization, and more.

The best thing about the products at Redemption Nutrition is that all of them are formulated and manufactured in the USA, so you can rest assured they’re of the highest quality.

Vitamin D

History, Discovery, and the Relationship of Vitamin D to Sunshine

Vitamin D was also discovered because of disease research. In the case of Vitamin D, it was discovered when looking for a treatment for rickets. This disorder was first discovered in the late 1700s, and it wasn’t until the 1930s that it was first identified by Elmer McCollum and Adolf Windaus.

Overall, this secosteroid group is also known as “calciferol,” and it’s responsible for increasing and retaining phosphate, calcium, and magnesium.

Many people don’t know, but Vitamin D has a close relationship with the sun. This is because, when your skin gets exposed to sunlight, the body produces Vitamin D naturally from cholesterol. That process happens when the ultraviolet rays hit the cholesterol in your skin cells, causing enough energy for the synthesis of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D’s Role in the Body

As mentioned before, as your body produces or consumes Vitamin D, it helps the body absorb and retain phosphate, calcium, and magnesium. That process may help with reducing cancer cell growth, controlling infections, and even reducing inflammation. Vitamin D is also known for helping maintain healthy bones and teeth.

You can get Vitamin D from several foods, such as salmon, sardines, canned tuna, egg yolks, shrimp, and more. On the other hand, you can get it from the sun or via a Vitamin D supplement. Keep in mind there are two main types of Vitamin D you can get from supplements: Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3. Overall, the D3 is more powerful than the D2.

The right dosage for Vitamin D is still getting debated since there isn’t a clear number. However, according to studies, the recommended dietary allowances for this vitamin include:

  • 10 mcg for infants
  • 15 mcg for teens
  • 15 mcg for adults who are 18-70 years old
  • 20 mcg for adults over 70 years old

Combining Vitamin D3 with K2 for the Ultimate Combo

One of the best ways to achieve optimal bone strength is by combining Vitamin D supplements and Vitamin K2 supplements. D3 supports your immune system, making it healthier, whereas K2 regulates normal blood clotting. Those two supplements combined make it the perfect combo to keep your body healthy.

Considering these two vitamins have synergistic effects, many people recommend taking them together to increase the chances of having a healthier bone structure.

If you’re looking for the perfect multi-vitamin supplement, Redemption Nutrition is one of the best places to look for high-quality supplements. Products like “D-Votion” contain the perfect amount of Vitamins D3 and K2 to help you promote healthy bones and teeth, cardiovascular health, and more.

Bottom Line

God gave us one body, and while our body can produce several nutrients by itself, it’s still our job to take care of it with supplements. If you want to get your body to a better and healthier shape, consider checking out the Redemption Nutrition website for more information.

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